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Pichia GlycoSwitch® System

preclinics Italia has recently acquired the license to use Pichia GlycoSwitch®, the Expression Platform that leverages yeast strains to enable the production of proteins featuring controlled, human-like glycosylation.

The Technology Behind Pichia GlycoSwitch®

The Picha GlycoSwitch® System innovate protein production by utilizing engineered yeast strains to execute specific glycosylation steps accurately. Many proteins, particularly biologics, rely on glycosylation— the attachment of sugar moieties— to ensure proper folding, expression, and biological/therapeutic activity. Traditional production methods based on mammalian cells often lack precise glycosylation control, resulting in a mixture of different glycoforms, some of which may be problematic.

With Pichia GlycoSwitch®, the yeast’s natural hyperglycosyl N-glycans are replaced with more human-like biantennary complex type N-glycans. Through strategic mutations in the Pichia pastoris OCH1 gene and the introduction of heterologous enzyme activities, Pichia has been engineered to produce human-like glycoproteins.

Advantages of Pichia GlycoSwitch®

  • Uniform Glycosylation: Ensures consistent glycosylation across all proteins.
  • High Expression: Achieves high levels of glycoprotein expression.
  • Minimization of Aberrant Glycosylation: Eliminates undesired glycosylation.
  • Tailored Glycosylation: Enables customization of both the amount and type of glycosylation attached to a protein.
  • Enhanced Homogeneity of Bio-pharmaceuticals: Facilitates the creation of proteins with uniform glycoforms, thereby optimizing therapeutic efficacy.

Enhancing Protein Production with Pichia GlycoSwitch®: Our Services

The Pichia GlycoSwitch® System include patents, strains, and vectors engineered to synthesize proteins with various near-uniform glycoforms. This empowers us to identify the most biologically active glycoforms and provides the flexibility to control and optimize the profile of the final product—whether it’s a therapeutic agent, a research tool, or fulfills another purpose.

Given that glycosylation significantly impacts crucial features such as pharmacokinetics, stability, bioavailability, and tissue distribution, the versatility of Pichia GlycoSwitch® technology extends broadly to biotherapeutics. This includes growth factors, enzymes, vaccine antigens, fusion proteins, binding domains, and monoclonal antibodies.

Thanks to Pichia GlycoSwitch® technology and our experienced team in protein engineering, preclinics Italia can offer its customers and partners:

  • Vaccine antigens and recombinant antibodies with customized glycosylation and near-homogenous glycoforms.
  • Expression of recombinant proteins with scales up to 10 liters of culture.

Experience the possibilities with the Pichia GlycoSwitch® System and unlock the potential of tailored glycosylation for your specific needs.

Pichia GlycoSwitch® System