preclinics GmbH services

preclinics GmbH services

Research Facilities

preclinics GmbH is a well-established research organization and service supplier based in Germany. Since 2006, preclinics GmbH has been offering in vivo and in vitro services helping its customers during the early-preclinical stage analysis.

Our Italian branch is mediating for Italian customers all the preclinics GmbH services.


Discover our services.

    •  Pharmacokinetics

preclinics offers pharmacokinetic studies in small and large laboratory animals. We will support you individually from your inquiry until the exchange of samples/results. Our experienced team offers you flexible study designs (variability in administration regiments and routes, sampling sites and sample types, and surgical methods available) and stands for prompt execution of your studies.

    • Efficacy / Potency / Drug compatibility

New therapeutics often need new test methods. preclinics is well equipped with medical and research measurement devices, like x-ray and angiography, ECG, EMG and blood pressure, activity measurement, bioluminescent imaging and much more. A broad competence in medical and veterinary science, as well as molecular biology and engineering enables us to establish new methods and to set up very complex experiments.

    • Vaccination studies

During the pandemic preclinics developed specialized services to sustain customers in the development of vaccines. Now preclinics is offering the complete pipeline to evaluate the efficacy and tolerance of protein/DNA/RNA-based vaccines at the early-preclinical stage.

preclinics’ highly customized immunization services can apply our approved standard protocols or your individual specifications. preclinics can offer recombinant antibodies from mouse, rabbit and goat. We can immunize providing the customer with the serum of the purified IgG fraction of: mouse, rat, hamster, Guinea pig, ferret, rabbit, sheep, goat, horse, cow.

    • Fresh blood

preclinics offers fresh blood products such as whole blood, stabilized erythrocytes, peripheral blood mononuclear cells, plasma, and serum from different species. Those products will be produced individually upon your request and sent on the day of production. Thus, you will receive your order within 24 hours after sampling in many parts of Europe!

    • Bulk production of antisera

preclinics offers the production of custom antisera from different species in bulk quantities as raw material for diagnostics and research reagent manufacturers. This includes the immunization of the animals, testing and characterization of the product and final processing according to the customer’s specifications.

For continuous and reliable supply, we are open for long-term supply contracts.

    • Sera and plasma of various species

preclinics offer a variety of high-quality animal serum and plasma products for sale including the following species: chicken, turkey, rabbit, sheep, goat, llama/alpaca. In particular, we recommend the specialized IgG free SCID mouse serum. The portfolio covers heparin sodium, potassium EDTA and sodium citrate for plasma products and in special coagulation tubes for serum. Those products are available cryopreserved in stock in different sizes.

The first study involving voluntary wheel running was published in 1898. More than one century later in 2007 preclinics put its first own voluntary wheel running system into operation. After years of proving and permanent evolution in more than 200 voluntary wheel running studies it is now offered to researchers outside our lab under the brand name REVOLYZER® (REVOlution anaLYZER).